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Goodbye Jesus

For The Jebus Cultists Out There


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(Found on UseNet, Message-ID: <k7a6a.j2u.19.4@news.alt.net>)


10. Made a big impact some time ago, but hasn't seemed to have been

around lately


9. Obsessed with theology; always harping on about some big nasty guy

or country known nebulously as Satan


8. Instructs devotees via "visions"


7. Fomented unrest against oppressive, decadent, pizza-munching regime



6. Hid out in a cave when the occupation forces tried to kill him, but

his body mysteriously never turned up in the end


5. Given head start in life by powerful, influential father


4. Fanatical, unreasonable followers unwilling to accept his death, but

fully prepared to accept own deaths in his service



3. Allegedly could have prevented September 11 attacks but chose not to


2. Has horse cock


1. Droolingly thanked by George W. Bush daily


Guess who's the other one?


Osama Bin Laden.


You can start weeping now. :fdevil:

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