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Q: What Does It Mean When I See These 3 Popups?


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Screenshot from work today:




Top right: Popup says "Outlook server not responding" (remember that Volkswagen Bank is deathly addicted to Outlook - without it, everything goes down in flames, world-wide)


Center: Popup says the application we use for registering, processing and tracking incident reports has just the same problem


Lower right: Popup says that the former two aren't enough yet, so the software we use for efficient handling of phone calls (incoming and outgoing) also can't talk to its server.


Normal day in our helpdesk means about 300 user calls daily. Today we got about 900 (!!!) when I left, and there were still 2.5 hours to go.


If it should turn out that some living person is responsible for all this, I'll change her status real soon... :vent:


(To be fair, last we heard it was probably a hardware failure...)

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