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Goodbye Jesus

Debate at the Allspark!

Flyby Stardancer

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There's a debate going on over at the Allspark sparked by a posting of an article about offended creationist students wanting to sue their professors for teaching evolution.


Here's the thread.


Now, on page 3 (on my settings, anyways), Master Fwiffo links to this site, claiming:

Heres a decent site. Of course, odds are youll tear it to bits, but Im too lazy too look up anything else because Im focusing on my real specialty- fiction writing.


Now skip ahead to page 10. There we see Mike Miksch's debunking of that creationist page. I even got in on the act, looking up the articles that Mike couldn't find (though I only have one text so far as it was the only one with an HTML full text).


Whoops! Looks like the quote I found the article for is completely debunked by the rest of the article! Wheeeee! I didn't even have to do much, outside of finding the article! :woohoo:


I noticed Master Fwiffo reading this after I posted mine on the article, but strangely he didn't reply...


Now, any comments from both sides of the debate? :D

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