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Goodbye Jesus

Sylvia Browne & Shawn Hornbeck


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I know, it's a hobby horse of mine, so apologies for those who find this stuff tired.


Sylvia Browne did a reading for Shawn Hornbeck's parents on the Montel show and told them he was dead. She said he had been taken by a tall dark man, not black, but rather Hispanic, who wore his hair in dreadlocks. She saw Shawn's body buried in a wooded area with two protruding rocks. His bicycle had been dumped in another state.


Of course, last week, Shawn was found alive.


She got the kidnapper's discription COMPLETELY wrong

She got his car wrong.

And of course, her psychic powers can't even tell if someone is alive or dead.


You can imagine what the parents have been through.


This woman is wicked and really must be exposed.


The above link gives the relevant page on Rob Lancaster's Stop Sylvia Browne website

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Nb: Admins - perhaps I should have put this in Totally Off Topic.


Could you move it for me?





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It's good he was found alive, and certainly better than being prophecied to be alive when he was in fact dead, but either way, people need to learn not to trust these bullshit artists.


Weeding out superstition is a hard thing, but it must be done. The more I see it, the more I realize humanity needs to let go of its hokum or else still wallow in the social retardation of the past 2000 years.

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