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Goodbye Jesus

Christian Posters And Denominations


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You know, Christians who post to this forum should announce their denominational or non-denominational status beforehand so we know where they are coming from. With such a wide variety of Christians out there it is difficult to carry on a conversation with a Christian without knowing what it is they believe. I've noticed that whenever an XC startst talking with one it always comes down to the point where the Christian will start to deny the various beliefs of other denominations and the conversation then goes no where. If we knew where they were coming from perhaps these kinds of situations could be avoided. It would even be nice to see a line in their signature stating their particular denominational adherence or non-denominational status since Christains vary to the point of incoherency besides thier already attained inconsistancy.

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To me, it seems that the bulk of Xians who come here are the independent evangelical fundamentalist type, of similar sort to what I was for a brief time. The kind who hold to no specific sect and claim independence from sects as a mark of being True™, etc etc - I get that when they go into bashing sprees about the teachings of other sects.


Personally, I don't care what sect each fundy zombie comes from, since all fundy Xians' arguments boil down to the same thing - you're scum and you need to believe in Jebus or else you'll suffer for all eternity. The same shit idea that stands at the root of all but the most liberal and metaphorical versions of Xianity.


It would be interesting to know, but all fundies are basically alike in their meaning and mission :jerkit:

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