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Goodbye Jesus

Thank You For All The Advice


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I would like to thank everyone on this forum for all the advice. I believe I have this found freedom of the mind and I want others to experience it. I have been a little to over zealous. I need to just relax. I have been reading books by Richard Dawkins and others. I want to share this new knowledge with my wife and my Christian friends. I need to hold back and let them seek the knowledge themselves. If not I look like I am preaching to them. Kind of makes me a hypocrite.



So my point was to say thanks to everyone on this forum for the advice. I know I could not have made this transition without you. You have all become my friends.

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Ha! it's a phase I'm still going through! I'm having a great time on youtube bating xians who use the medium to preach.


I think its a very human need for re-assurance, and a need to belong.


But your absolutely right Mikefight we need to lighten up and not evangelise against religion. fanatics are always distastful and disturbing, be they religious fanatics or anti-religious fanatics.





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It's just a knee-jerk reaction and everyone has them. The only time you can avoid them is if you get good advice ahead of time and you are now doing that, seeking advice and using it--that's to your credit, Mike!


Please keep us posted on how things are going for you and your wife? I for one am checking in to see.

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