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Goodbye Jesus


R. S. Martin

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In a discussion some time ago someone played with the idea: Can true poetry be written about reason? Here goes...set to rhyme and meter:


Where do I turn in my chaos or joy?

Who provides guidance when troubles annoy?

When all is dark and it's blurry and cold…

Whence do I turn and to what do I hold?


Reason's the guide firm, reliable, true.

Reason's what shows us the right way to go.

Reason--it will not cave in to mere whim.

Reason I trust when the road is quit dim.


Reason destroys harmful myths and mischief—

Reason allows for true rational belief.

Eve did not eat the forbidden good fruit.

Adam did not trespass and fall from the good.


Reason and science acknowledge no sin.

Reason bows not to great god and his kin.

Reason dictates I am free from all sin.

Oh the great joy of the light from within!


Sin does nor bind us and sin does not chain

Those who have seen that sin cometh from man.[1]

Love is without me and love is within.

Oh the great freedom from fetters of sin!


God did not make us—this reason reveals.

God has no power where reason prevails.

God has no corner on wisdom and truth--

Reason and science contribute to both.


Hmmm. I'm not sure how good that is. Any suggestions?


[1] Is man-made


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