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Goodbye Jesus

Does god avert his eyes...


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By Joey Hackl


Sometimes I post on some Christian forums, just to stay fresh with debating and getting their perspective on things. I started a thread called "Does god avert his eyes..." I asked somewhat of a provocative question, but the answers were more than I bargained for. I asked, "does god avert his eyes when you're having sex?" I wanted to see what Christians' reactions and feelings were to the idea of Jesus watching them when they are naked or having sex, etc. This was something that used to bother me as a Christian. The thought of Jesus would completely turn me off and ruin my sexual mood.


Well, these Christians came up with a concept that was new and shocking to me. They said that "sex is worship." Somehow, they are comfortable with the idea of a bearded man watching their sexual relations (hey, to each his own... not judging that... if you need a bearded man to get it on, its fine with me), but somehow the act translates into worship, according to the Christians on this forum. Here is the discussion:





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