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Goodbye Jesus

Crazy Clergey!


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Locally, the church has chosen to close the catholic high school and consolidate many elementary schools. The bishop is getting slammed as many people are upset who were truly dedicated to these schools. People are leaving the schools and church in droves.


A 50 year parishioner went public with a letter from her pastor banning her from his parish because she witheld her collect as a protest to the school closing! He said she is harming the church and is asked to leave.


This fucking priest proved that its all about money,,,a 50 year parishioner can "fuck off." To me this is the height of arrogance when for years these same people shuffled pervert priests from parish to parish. Serves them right that their system is crumbling.

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We had that happen here. Some woman disagreed with the priest because she wanted additional information about him. He was new to their church and with all the issues that were becoming public whereas the church was moving priests from one church to another to cover up molestation felt she had the right to know more than just what they were telling the congregation about the new priest. They didn't feel they had to tell her and so she made a bit of a stink about it and then kicked her out of the church.


Guess as a contributing, card carrying catholic you don't have the right to question whether or not your priest is a pervert. There are laws that say a youth coach must have background state police checks completed; however, we won't check the clergy because they are holy.

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