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Goodbye Jesus

Earthsea Iii, And Fabled Carcosa


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so I've been reading weird stuff again, and I can't help thinking about certain parallels between the jebus death cult and what I read. Some might find that interesting or funny, so I'll share it here (if only for a few grins)...


1. Ursula LeGuin's "Earthsea" novels, book 3 of 4: A mad magician finds a way to bring souls back from the death realm / keep people from going there at all (yippie, or... not?)... only that these "blessed ones" are mental and psychical wrecks afterwards. All the mental capabilities they had, all the joy they found in life... gone. All they can think about for the rest of their miserable existence is how "lucky" they are to not have to die when their time would've come normally.


Sound familiar anyone? :scratch:


2. Fabled Carcosa, from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Information on that mythical city is very sparse, but what little is mentioned in all the novels hints at the city guarding a monolith library where the Great Old Ones (read: evil deities) deposited the knowledge they once stole from the Elder Gods (read: good deities... if there are any in HPL's bleak universe that is). The city is ruled by the King in Yellow who, in the only novel where he seriously appears at all, makes it quite clear that it is his goal to keep humans from finding out the truth (of the monoliths), "so the ancient lies will rule for all times".


Again, does this remind us of something? :scratch:


Makes me kind of wonder whether the authors had such a parallel in mind or whether it's just coincidece. Thoughts? Comments? ;)

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Not a comment on these books, but on a French film (English subtitles) I saw the other day: They Came Back (French title: Les Revenants) that had a similar theme:


The recently deceased walk back into town. Not a la Night of the Living Dead. They simply are back. The movie follows their reintegration process, which is quite a difficult one. Jobs are no more. Homes are no more. Spouses have moved on. Even parents have moved on.


In the end, no one in the town is happy to have them back. The dead aren't happy to be back. And the movie ends with the dead all finding their way back to their graves, prefering the grave to reanimation.


-CC in MA

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