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Goodbye Jesus

Girl Problems...


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I had to go to this event today because i'm part of this mentoring program (i'm a mentor). It was like a carnival type thing except people half-assed the whole thing so it didn't seem like alot of fun, not too many people showed up and I knew I'd have to make this fun somehow for the kids invovled.


I say that because I kind of came into this thing expecting to be bored out of my mine for about 5 hours. When I got there I saw this girl, she's really pretty and i've seen her around campus but the one time I tried to talk to her I got the impression she was kind of a snobby bitchy type (which was a couple months ago). Well anyways, I sort of thought about it for awhile and went to try and talk to her again. She was playing basketball so I thought of something "smooth" I could do (besides busting out my wizard robe and hat of course), so I walked over to her when shes dribbling the ball and stole it out from under her and she was all like shocked and I shoot... and missed. So I felt kind of stupid but she thought it was funny and I said (because she kept missing the goal) "I guess I suck more then you do know" and she laughed and was like "Yeah, I guess you do!" We laughed, talked some more, and introduced ourselves, I'll call her "C" for privacy.


Basically I played basketball with her for awhile and we hung out and talked, not the whole time though because I didn't want to be overbearing. I found out alot about her and found that she's not bitchy at all, and that she's really sweet, smart, nice and funny. :wub:


The problem is that she was talking about being single and stuff but I checked out her Facebook tonight after she left (some guy came to pick her up, later I found out that hes...) and I found out that she has a boyfriend (... the boyfriend) and she's really "fundy" like shes really active and involved in church and stuff. I knew she was a Christian because she said she was going to this BCM Formal tonight. The boyfriend part turns me off but I don't care about the Christian part, it's just I want to get to know this girl more but i'm afraid she might be turned off or something because i'm an atheist. I really like her though. :unsure:


I know there are other fish in the sea, but damn I suck at fishing and finding someone that I can really get along with like this is rare.

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The problem with such stuff is, of course, that there will have to come the day when you come out to her as an atheist. If she's totally fundified she'll run away screaming whether you confess it to her today or in ten years I guess.

On the other hand, the more she's found she likes you, the less likely is that she'll go into total fundy mode.


One of those decisions that suck royally. :angry:


I can't watch you two, so I can't tell you when the right time™ may be. I'm afraid you'll have to judge that for yourself.


(Unless she forces the decision anyway by asking you about your faith... :blink: )

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Ahhh the follies of youth. Brings back memories...


Nice move with the basketball! Seems like a nice bit of fishing to me.


If she was telling you she was single, yet has a bf, maybe she's not happy with him. Perhaps he's the wussy butt-kisser type that most fundies seem to be, and she is looking for someone better (someone like you). I've seen this sort of thing happen so many times among christians, so it wouldn't surprise me if it were happening here.


Does she know you were checking out her facebook profile? (I don't know much about this facebook stuff). If she doesn't then according to her, you still don't know if she's a christian or has a boyfriend. If, next time you see her, you tell her you were checking her out on facebook she might think you're a bit wierd, so I'd keep quiet about that.


So I'd just play cool, pretend to be aloof (unless she knows that you were checking her profile out), that you know nothing apart from the fact that she 'sucks' at basketball. All you can really do is prepare some mental contingency plans for when the religion question pops up. Apart from that, let things happen "naturally" and enjoy whatever time you have together.

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