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Goodbye Jesus

Syphillis, Death Of God, And Holocaust


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Perhaps the Church isn't as wrapped up in the Holocaust as we'd like to think.


A Pox on your History


....If indeed, Hitler had syphilis, the final solution finds its source not in the German people or the Catholic Church, but in Hitler’s diseased brain. Like Nietzsche’s writings attacking God, the final solution becomes the symptom of a syphilitic brain enjoying a brief moment of deluded grandeur and clarity before slipping forever into dementia paralytica. Mein Kampf, according to Anwyl-Davies, “expressed Hitler’s need for vicious revenge.” The Final Solution, analogous to Nietzsche’s final assault on God, simply proposed a way of implementing that need for revenge in a way that was completely consistent with the state of mind produced by the onset of tertiary syphilis: “It would not be enough for such a revenge to be aimed at the single member of Jewish society who had infected him: the entire race had to be persecuted in castigation.” That’s Anwyl-Davies formulation of the biological dynamic behind the Holocaust, and Anwyl-Davies felt that Hitler had syphilis. Hitler’s anti-Semitism, in other words, finds its source not in congenital anti-Semitism but in syphilis, and syphilis, in turn, finds its source in moral decadence, specifically prostitution. The fact that Jews were heavily involved in both prostitution and pornography returned to haunt them in a way that no one could have suspected at the time, and in a way that no one has been allowed to articulate ever since.


Read it all here

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The fact that Jews were heavily involved in both prostitution and pornography returned to haunt them in a way that no one could have suspected at the time, and in a way that no one has been allowed to articulate ever since.


Chefranden, this is an interesting article. I can agree that it makes sense that Hitler could have had syphyllis. It may be possible that he got it from a Jewish prostitute. I've heard that he was also spurned by a significant Jewish love too, and even rumors that his Jewish father abandoned him as a baby. Yet, I've never heard that the Jewish people were heavily involved in prostitution, nor pornography. This article seems to want to take away the popular notion that the Catholic church endorsed Hitler, and move this back onto the Jews, the victims. I think this author is just hoping for a movie deal with the ever antisemetic Mel Gibson. :Hmm:

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Neither have I heard that the Jewish population of Germany pre-Hitler was heavily involved in prostitution and pornography. I should like a link to some credible source that would prove they were; one cannot take such a thing on trust. It was also said of them that they were heavily involved in money-lending and banking, but, while this may have been true of a few families, it goes back to medieval anti-Semitism; Jews were permitted entry into very few other professions, and they gravitated to banking and such because while christians could not lend money at interest (it was known as usury), Jews could.


Thus an argument had existed since medieval times that Jews were responsible for Germany's (and indeed the world's) financial woes since the Middle Ages. Indeed the same argument may be heard in factory canteens in Europe today, and just as often in parts of the US, particularly in the Deep South. Yet to make such an argument is the same in essence as holding Native Americans solely responsible for the social ills caused by gambling for no better reason than that US law allows the building of casinos on their reservations.


As far as I am aware, Weimar Germany DID experience a "sexual revolution" in the 1920's, on a scale not repeated anywhere else in the world until the 1960's, but that was down to two things, war-weariness brought on by the Great War and the collapse of the German Mark in 1923. The collapse of the Mark undermined the confidence of the German people in their monetary system, and it also engendered an easy come easy go attitude to life. One could compare what happened in Germany then to what happened in the US from the mid to the late Sixties. While the US did not experience hyperinflation, it did experience significant inflation, and this combined with the general lowering of conventional moral standards such as always seems to occur at the end of, and in the aftermath of war, produced the sexual revolution of those times.


Later, after the Crash of 1929 and the ensuing world-wide Great Depression the same lack of confidence and moral bankruptcy of the German populace became the major factors behind their acceptance of Hitler and his gang. What had happened was that just when the Germans were starting to get things together again they were hit with another calamity, and this straw broke the camel's back. Had the Depression not occurred, it's quite possible both Hitler and the Nazis would have faded into obscurity. After the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, Hitler had decided to gain power by the democratic process, but only a catastrophe of the Depression's magnitude could allow him to win; in more stable times he and his Party would have been dismissed as the cranks, upstarts and criminal types they were.


It is true that Jews were often portrayed as corrupters of youth and panderers; a typical stereotype of the Nazi era is this image from one of Julius Streicher's works:




however, consider this more modern example from the US:




Effective propaganda though these caricatures might be (for some), they in no way provide proof of widespread Jewish involvement in what they insinuate.


As to Hitler's having contracted syphilis, that theory may or may not be true. As far as I am aware, his remains were not subject to any proper post-mortem beyond that necessary to identify his body. Furthermore even positive identification was finally only established by dental records. It is of course said of syphilis by medical specialists that it is "the great imitator", ie particularly in the tertiary stage it can mimic the effects of many other diseases and mental conditions, but absent proof positive of its presence, while this theory as presented is interesting, it is still a theory and no more. Hitler was a masterly politician and a demagogue when all is said and done. Although they dared not speak out against him as much as they would have liked to, I should think his enemies (and they were many), would have encouraged this theory themselves for obvious reasons.


Much is made of Theodor Morell, Hitler's personal physician. However:


Morell was the second son of a primary school teacher, born and raised in a small village called Trais-Munzenberg in Upper Hesse. He studied medicine in Grenoble and Paris then trained in obstetrics and gynaecology in Munich beginning in 1910. By 1913 he had a PhD and was licensed as a medical doctor. After a year serving as an assistant doctor on cruise ships he bought a practice in Dietzenbach. He served at the front during WWI, then as a medical officer. By 1919 he was in Berlin with a medical practice and in 1920 married Johanna "Honi" Moller, a wealthy actress. He targeted unconventional treatments at an upscale market and eventually turned down invitations to be personal physician to both the Shah of Persia and the King of Romania.


Morell claimed to have studied under Nobel Prize-winning bacteriologist Ilya Mechnikov along with having taught medicine at prestigious universities and sometimes called himself professor. He also owned significant interests in several medium-sized European pharmaceutical companies.


However, by 1933 his practice was threatened because many of his patients were Jewish and his personal appearance also led to his sometimes being erroneously mistaken to be Jewish. In April he joined the Nazi party, moved his practice to a prestigious address and began describing himself as a venereologist. In 1936 he treated Heinrich Hoffmann for gonorrhoea and claimed to have cured him. Hoffman and his assistant Eva Braun introduced Morell to Adolf Hitler.

(Emphases mine) Well, one decoration does not make a Christmas tree.


It would appear from the later testimony of Albert Speer that Morell was not much better than a quack, as witness:


"In 1936, when my circulation and stomach rebelled...I called at Morell's private office. After a superficial examination...Morell prescribed for me his intestinal bacteria, dextrose, vitamins, and hormone tablets."

"For safety's sake I afterward had a thorough examination by Professor von Bergmann, the specialist in internal medicine at Berlin University. I was not suffering from any organic trouble, he concluded, but only from nervous symptoms caused by overwork."

"I slowed down my pace as best I could and the symptoms abated. To avoid offending Hitler I pretended that I was carefully following Morell's instructions, and since my health improved, I became for a time Morell's showpiece." (Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich, 1970).


Goering called Morell Der Reichsspritzenmeister, a nickname that stuck. This term does not have a precise English translation. Among the translations of this nickname are "Herr Reich Injection Master" (Speer, Inside the Third Reich), "The Reich's Injections Impresario" (Junge, Until the Final Hour), and "The Master of the Imperial Needle" (O'Donnell, The Bunker). However this term is translated, its underlying meaning is the same - it implied that Morell always resorted to using injections and drugs when faced with any medical problem, and that he overused these drug injections.

(Emphasis mine)


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Claims of Jewish immorality infecting societies is abundant, historical and cyclical. A case was brought just a few years ago under the Canadian Human Rights Act against a man (Kyburz) making these charges on his website (btw, the complainant was ultimately ordered to be paid $15,000 by the defendant, who never showed up in court):

[20]On October 25, 2000, Mr. Kyburz published an article written by William Pierce, entitled "There will be Hell to pay". This is a lengthy article - one quite remarkable in the level of vitriol that it directs at Jews. The article deals with a number of issues, including the White-slave trade supposedly operated by Jews. Pierce states that the "White-slave business flourishes in Israel because in that country slavery is not illegal, as long as the slaves aren't Jews. White-slavery is, in fact, sanctioned by the Jewish religion."


[21] Pierce also discusses Jewish involvement in child pornography, referring to the break-up of a child pornography ring in Moscow, which ring was allegedly run by three Jews. He describes the activities of the pornographers in the following terms:


Child pornography is an almost unimaginably filthy business. I'm not talking about videos of well-developed 15- or 16-year-old girls having sex. I'm talking about things so perverse and sickening that most Americans can't imagine them. I'm talking about men being filmed having sex with two- and three-year-old girls. I'm talking about small children - White children - being sexually tortured and raped to death in front of the camera for the titillation of the sick freaks who are sexually excited by such horrors.


[22] As to the 'sick freaks', that is, the consumers of the child pornography, Pierce states that "The freaks, I am sorry to say are not all Jews, although Jews are disproportionately represented among them."


[23] Pierce goes on to explain the fact that there was no coverage of these events in the American media, as a result of Jewish control over the media.


[24] What is to be done about the people engaged in these pornographic activities? Pierce states that "[his] view is that such people should simply be killed on the spot whenever and wherever they are found." Having previously identified Jews as being in control of the media, he goes on to say: "More than that, the people who promote and encourage this extreme individualist mind-set through their control of the media should be exterminated root and branch as a class."


[25] Pierce does not, however, limit his comments to the killing of Jews engaged in child pornography and media control, but actually suggests that the elimination of all of the Jews in Russia would be justified:


The Jews bled Russia dry with 70 years of Marxist rule and murdered tens of millions of Russians - the best Russians - in the communist slave labour camps or in the basement of the secret police headquarters or beside the shooting pits in forests all over Russia and Ukraine; they have forced thousands of the prettiest young Russian women into prostitution and slavery after the fall of communism; and now they kidnap Russian children and rape them to death in front of the camera in order to make child-porn films for rich perverts in the West. The Jews are lucky they still control most of the television and other mass media in Russia - because if the Russian people ever are fully awakened to what the Jews are still doing to them, they will rise up and kill every Jew in Russia - every Jew - and they will be fully justified in doing so.


[26] While acknowledging that not all Jews are engaged in child pornography, Pierce posits that all Jews should be held to account for these "horrible atrocities", as "... the ones who don't run the child-porn business cover for the ones who do."


From here:



Throw in well-poisoning, bringing about the Black Death, and the still-going-strong blood libel of Jews making matzoh with the blood of gentile children they've murdered, and one hardly has to go to the arcane length of imagining a vengeful syphilitic Hitler to explain his or any other anti-Semite's virulence.


Additionally, the descriptions of syphilitic personality change cited in the review are nearly identical to those of bi-polar symptoms, schizophrenia, LSD euphoria, etc. Coulda been anything with Hitler. Coulda even actually been a syphilitic Jewish prostitute -- so what?


My own thinking is linked to a lot of what Casey cites, re: Dr. Theo Morell. There's good reason to think Hitler was strung out on methamphetamine... nothin' like a meth freak anti-Semite. :woohoo:


[bolding below is mine, for emphasis and source]

Leonard and Renate Heston's study reveals a patient who required almost constant attention for a variety of ailments of the neurological, gastrointestinal, and vascular systems. Hitler's main physician, Dr. Theo Morell, supplied daily injections of an unspecified and untested mixture of vitamins, hormones, and amphetamines. While Hitler praised the restorative powers of these chemical cocktails, his contemporaries described a man beset by illness, addiction, and stress. The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler is an unprecedented examination of the Fuhrer's health, of the treatments he underwent, and of how his medical care impacted history.


As for the role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust... well... they didn't need meth.

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Perhaps the Church isn't as wrapped up in the Holocaust as we'd like to think. [...]


Chef, this article reads damn suspect. I have to admit that I haven't read it in full (whenever I try I get the next call here at work... hellooooo Murphy's law!...), but I agree to the rest here in that it seems to be... well... not very unbiased.


Maybe I'll have the chance to read it later.

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Newsflash in Heaven:


"Hitler condemned to Hell for having Syphilis!"

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As for the role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust... well... they didn't need meth.


Evidently not. :twitch:


This stone carving appears on the church at Wittenberg where Martin Luther preached:




This is known in German as a "Judensau", literally "Jewish sow".


Of this particular carving, Luther himself said:


There is here in Wittenberg, on our parish church, a sow carved in stone, young piglets and Jews lie under it and suck teats. Behind the sow stands a rabbi who lifts the sow's right leg up, and with his left hand pulls the tail over himself, bows and stares with great attentiveness under the tail of the sow into the Talmud, as if he wanted to read and understand something intricate and extraordinary.


Such stone reliefs and carvings still exist in quite a few churches in Germany.


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Yup. Antisemitism was considered pretty normal, if not a desirable thing, until after WW2 when the churches "suddenly always knew" that it's really wrong. :Hmm:

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