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Goodbye Jesus

Excerpt For My Writing Class


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Spider crept up against the wall, being careful to stay in the shadows. He could hear Sparrow suck in her breath behind him. She was fifteen, one year younger than him. She had long, dark hair. His was much shorter. They were both wearing black from head to toe. He had a cape; she did not. He also carried two daggers. She rarely carried weapons, even though she knew how to use them. It was part of their training.


Their goal was not far. It was a chest they both knew contained silver coins and a scroll. The scroll was their main goal, but they could take the silver also. The thieves' guild would pay them 30% of the commission for the scroll. They could keep the silver.


"Careful," Sparrow whispered so softly that Spider barely heard her. Her voice was like the wind, soft and gentle. He adored her, but he would never admit that to anyone.


He nodded and crouched down below where the mage lay sleeping. His skin tingled as he approached, no doubt from the magic of the wards the mage had placed. This would be tricky if the guild had not given them both Rings of Dispelling to counteract the magic.


Suddenly the mage coughed. Both thieves froze. Then the mage went back to snoring.


Relieved, Spider crept forward and reached for the chest. He felt a little jolt as he did so. That jolt would have been extremely painful, if not for the ring. He fingered the latch on the chest. The treasure was almost his!


Then suddenly, the bedroom door burst open. Several men wearing black and carrying swords forced their way in.


The mage sat up, spluttering. First he saw the thieves. "What the...what are you two doing in here?" Then he registered what was happening. "No," he exclaimed and began to mutter a spell.


Sparrow screamed as one of the men grabbed her, kicking him with fury. Spider reached for his dagger, but one of the men hit him and he went sprawling across the floor.


The mage let loose with a flurry of little glowing darts that hit the first man.


Sparrow kicked her would-be captor again and finally, her struggles paid off. She slipped from the arms of the man who was holding her.


"Spider, we need to get out of here now!" she exclaimed.


"Not without the scroll," he replied, and reached for the chest.


"Help me," she yelled as one of the other men grabbed her and held a sword to her throat.


Spider swore and tried to lunge for her, but found himself facing the mage's blazing hand.


"One move and you're toast, boy," the mage warned him.


"We came for the scroll, but she will be a worthy prize for our master," one of the men in black said, sneering. "A bit scrawny, but he likes them young."


Sparrow winced.


Spider glared at him. "Over my dead body."


"Which is likely to be the case if you do not shut up, boy," said the mage. "Now then, you really want the scroll so badly?" he said to the men in black.


"Aye," said the first one.


"You can have it then," the mage said. Reaching down, he flung the chest at them.


The air crackled with electricity as the men who were not protected from the magic wards were jolted by lightning bolts. Sparrow screamed. Then there was a burst of green smoke as someone flung exploding powder into the air. Spider could not help but cough. When he looked up, the men -- and Sparrow -- were gone.


* * * * *


I may or may not include this in the story. I was thinking of doing this scene a bit differently. I was going to do it so that he has a reason to think that she is dead and blames himself for it, but I'm not sure how to do that without killing her off.

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