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Goodbye Jesus

A Shot In The Arm


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I can't tell you the nice shot in the arm I've gotten lately by a couple of my doctors. A few weeks ago my Oncologist saw me reading The God Delusion and asked me what I thought of it. I told him I was only about half way through, but found it thought provoking. He said he'd be interested in hearing my thoughts on it at our next visit. I'm pretty sure he's originally from the middle east. I hate to say it that way, but I'm just not sure which country. Anyway, I just saw my Neuro-Surgeon( he's from Britain) yesterday, and I had Letter to a Christian Nation with me, he told me he read the book, and I told him I found much of what was said in the book, cogitate of my feelings for years. He said it was a good quick read that hit on some key points. We have chatted briefly before about Religion, ( the last time I saw him I was reading An End of Faith) so he was aware that I have been on this journey out of the cult. On my way out of the office he told me to keep up the reading, that we need people like me to step up and make our voices heard.


It was amazing. I walked out of the hospital more determined than ever. My confidence is reaching a high point that I hadn't seen in such a long time. A good bit of credit is due to reading this site.


Thank you


I guess the reason I stated the nationality of these two doctors is that most of my confidence I'm finding IRL, is coming from those that have not been raised in this country. My doctors and nurses that have been raised in this country usually have no problems speaking to me about God and faith. Not preaching, but they like to slip it in, especially when I'm struggling. I haven't had the nerve really to tell them yet, largely due to the fact we've been together for a number of years, and they have shown me compassion. I almost feel I'd break their heart if I told them my real feelings.


I also would like to mention to mick and narcissist that those two threads really resonated with me. These experiences have both given me the confidence, as well as not wanting to wear my ex-ness on my sleeve.

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Goodbye Jesus
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