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Goodbye Jesus

Darkness And Dogmatic Idiocy


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...so maybe I'm just starting to feel seriously depressed due to the darkness I perceive. Before you start to wonder, I somehow hurt the cornea in my right eye. Doc said I mustn't wear my contacts until next week.


You know Mr Murphy and his law, don't you?


My glasses broke about a month ago. No big deal, I can stomach that for a time, after all I have contacts. Or so I thought.


What remains? My old mirrorshades. Now imagine wearing mirrorshades in the dark time of the year, all day long. I can tell you it sucks royally.


And because that's not enough already...


...I'm currently mourning the death of Racer. That was, until today, the central application in the Volkswagen corporation for maintaining user data. Our user management depended on Racer. Today it's been shut down. Permanently.


Of course there's a replacement, called "control-SA". or "Crap-SA" as we call it. I'm sure it will work without problems in Juli... Juli 2023.


Everyone knows that crap-SA is just that... crap. But the CEOs have decided that it's good, and you don't dare to question their judgment, do you? :vent:


Our user management is officially offline until next week's Wotan's day. Until then the users will keep quiet. After that...


...suffice it to say that I almost hope I catch the flu until then or something similar. :banghead:


Man, to know that you'll catch all the flak when the shit hits the fan... to know it several days in advance... and to be unable to do the slightest thing about it... :banghead:


Okay, I feel a bit better now. Thanks for listening. :unsure:

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When it rains it poors. I know. I usually get a hurricane once in a while (about every 2nd week).


My current problems are not as bad as yours, it more of lots of things happening. Like: car broke down this morning taking one kid to school 6:30. Wait for tow truck, get car to dealership, car suddenly works. Time is 9:00. I've got a meeting at 10:00 and I haven't been home to take shower etc. So I go straight to meeting. This afternoon, 1 PM, I have to be in LA for another meeting. And everyday, the office is depending on me running a EDI data bridge program with encryption 2-3 times a day (morning and noon) that only works on my laptop ... currently at home, and I'm in the office. *ugh* So I have to go straight home after meeting (1/2 hour drive), run EDI, take shower, go to LA (1.5 hour drive)... And tomorrow and Monday will be something very similar. In all this, my wife's car is in for service too.

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I completely, totally, and utterly sympathise. Just when I think I can hold out a bit until I get something working again, some disaster strikes and blows that all out of the water.


Cheers anyway, here's to hoping you get a few rays of sun in that darkness soon!

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Well, the darkness problem should end tomorrow evening. I think it's safe for me then to switch back to my contacts.


I just wonder how much chaos we'll have at work on next week's Wodan's day... :Hmm:

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I hear ya, brother Thurisaz. The dark of the winter sometimes whacks me with Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Till die Sonne returns from her vacation in Pango-Pango, here's a video to ease the pain (by causing an entirely different kind of pain, the kind that you get when you fall off your chair laughing).


Mediaeval Help Desk

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Hey, who made that vid of us? :HaHa:


In other news, couldn't stand it any longer - put in my contacts again this morning instead of tomorrow. No problems encountered so far. With some eyedrops every now and then I guess all will be fine.


Not that I had encountered eye problems with the mirrorshades... but I'm fed up with the sores on the back of my nose! These shades had never been meant to be worn for more than perhaps a few hours... surely not for an entire fucking week, every waking moment.


Now I really understand how women must feel with those damn high heels... :HaHa:

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They caved in! :fdevil:


The old "Racer" application is back up and running, and it's said that some... "important" people over in Wolfsburg hang their head in shame currently...


...that's one of those cases that could make the most hard-boiled atheist shout out "There IS a God!" :lmao:

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