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Hitler Doesn't Matter!


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(Mods, it's your decision of course, but you'd do me a great favor if you could pin this one...)


So, you visiting christians.


Let's not talk circles around it, quite a few of you come up with the line "hitler was an atheist, so atheism is eeeeeeevil!!!".


Let's assume for this thread that indeed hitler was an atheist, all evidence to the contrary nonwithstanding...


...so if I was both totally eeeeevil and an atheist (or, if you think that's evil enough already, say I'm a heathen... which I really am!)...


if I gave you an order similar to "go thee out and slaughter all the Jews/Christians/White people/Black people/whatever else!"...


...would you obey it? If you would (let's assume I'm officially the leader of your country)... do you dare to claim you're "just following orders"?


Fact is: Even if hitler would have been an atheist... the millions of Germans obeying him in his times were predominantly christians. Did you say something?


Strange how, if christians are supposedly so moral, countless christians obeyed hitler's orders without significant questioning (yes there were exceptions, like the pastors Bonhoeffer or Niemoeller), slaughtering about 6 million Jews just because they happened to be Jews... ignoring for a moment the many more victims.


Do you want to claim that christians have superior morals? If so, you better have an explanation for this nasty thingie..... unless you want to admit, by means of not objecting, that "we unbelievers" are right when we claim "christian != moral"...




Any takers? :fdevil:

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Fact is: Even if hitler would have been an atheist... the millions of Germans obeying him in his times were predominantly christians.

Ah, but Brother Thurisaz, those Germans were not True Christians , like Bonhoffer was. :HaHa:

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Bonhoeffer or Niemoeller are in fact the only "brands" of christian I could ever tolerate as "True Christians" if any :close:


At least they displayed a sense for ethics. Despite their scripture. :fdevil:



>Pinned 0800 02.20.07 kFL<

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Reserve the ability to set aside "Goodwin's Law" and let this topic develop on its own.

Catcalls, bullshitting, and assorted "OMFG U LUV HITL3R!!!!" and such will be nuked on sighting. Poster given time out.


Keep this subject on.topic.


Like to see what the opinions of our various religious/sectarian visitors is.



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Nice post, brother :goodjob:


I hate it when people try to play the Hitler card and claim he was an Atheist without any evidence whatsoever. Any cursory examination of the history of Nazi Germany and Hitler's own writings easily disproves this, but it's harder to bone up on history than it is to sling names and slurs around.


Point #24 of the 25-Point Programme of the NSDAP, anyone? :scratch:


That, and the behavior of Hitler most closely mirrors that of the Abrahamic god than it does anything else. Hitler was a tyrannical, warmongering ideologue - just like the Abrahamic god is depcited as being. Just like Stalin, Hitler was very Christ-like - in that he was a raving egomaniac who cared nothing for the millions who died at his hands for the glory of his ideology and himself.


Also, it's irrelevant. One can destroy the Xian religion's claim to truth and morality without ever referring once to Hitler or Stalin or anyone else. The Babble alone is sufficient for that task. Bringing in extra-Babblical individuals and events, etc, is helpful, but ultimately extraneous.

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Right on with this thread Thurisaz!!


Not to mention Hitler was....ONE....PERSON.


I don't care how charasmatic a person is, no one can "sway" good decent people into commiting an atrocity like the Holocaust which persecuted Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and even some "fellow" christians.


All Hitler did was take desperate people and fan their hatred which was already present as a result of post WWI animosities towards surrounding countries, and that old European favorite scapegoat...the jewish community.


If the seeds for anitsemitism had not been laid down hundreds of years prior to WWII, and encouraged to germinate via prejudices and stereotypes for all that time leading up to WWII......the Holocaust never would have happened!


If the Holocaust taught Europe anything...it was to be wary of the very roots that make up religious fundamentalism. Namely any sort of caustic prejudice towards other groups.


Hitler was just one guy. If his beliefs were not shared by a decent majority....he would have gone absolutely nowhere.

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A claim like this is not logical, atheism is evil because one man was evil, and happened to be an atheist. (Which he was not)


This would be similiar to a claim that Christianity is evil because a lot of pedafiles are Christian Priest.


Although the second claim seems more logical to me.

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Still no takers from any visiting jebus cultist.


I'm not surprised. When confronted with reason and truth, morontheists always run away screaming (to their closest brainwashing center, AKA church).


Yes, you christians, I'm talking about YOU. This is your chance to stick it to us unbelievers! Come one, show some courage for your jebus! Show us how you're right and we're wrong, by definition! :fdevil:

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