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Goodbye Jesus

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Fuck Mohammad.


In america, almost anyone can vote, and can get voted for. And that's exactly how we got into this mess.


Laws make criminals.


Magic (the card game) sucks. So does WH 40K. Ditto American Idol.


Certain people should be publicly beaten.


Idiots ruin everything.


The solution to the middle east is simple: if they act like kids, treat them like kids. "If you can't learn to share, none of you should have the holy land."


If you think a certain group of people should be kicked out of america, you should be kicked out of america.


Its not unpatriotic to question the president.


Most people want to know about things that are none of their business, and know nothing about things they should be informed about.


Education reform will never happen because a stupid public is easier to control.


Science belongs in schools, and dogma belongs in churches. Not vice-versa.

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