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Goodbye Jesus

God: The Failed Hypothesis


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godfailedhypothesis.gifThe latest success in an "atheist literary wave" is GOD: THE FAILED HYPOTHESIS ($19.32, Amazon Books) in which Victor Stenger--a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and a research fellow of the Center for Inquiry--argues that science has advanced sufficiently to make a definitive statement on the existence or nonexistence of the traditional Judeo-Christian-Islamic God. </p> After evaluating all the scientific evidence, Stenger concludes that beyond a reasonable doubt the universe and life appear exactly as we might expect if there were no God. He convincingly shows that not only is there no evidence for the existence of God, but scientific observations actually point to his nonexistence. Stenger invites readers to put their minds--and the scientific method--to work to test this claim.


  • Bestselling authors Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have praised GOD: THE FAILED HYPOTHESIS:
    "Marshaling converging arguments from physics, astronomy, biology, and philosophy, Stenger has delivered a masterful blow in defense of reason. God: The Failed Hypothesis is a potent, readable, and well-timed assault upon religious delusion. It should be widely read." -- Sam Harris, author of the New York Times best seller Letter to a Christian Nation
    "I learned an enormous amount from this splendid book." -- Richard Dawkins, author of the New York Times best seller The God Delusion

  • Every Barnes & Noble and Borders store in the country has this book on their new release front table.
  • The advertising campaign includes print publications the Los Angeles Times, New York Times Book Review, Reason, The Nation, The New Republic, and banner ads at SeedMagazine.com and ScienceBlogs.com.
  • Talk of GOD has been all over the blogosphere, including in The Huffington Post, The Skeptic online, Blogcritics.org, Detroit News Online's "Faithtalk" forum, MonstersandCritics.com, World Magazine's "World Views: Daily News/Christian Views" and The Secular Web.


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