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-- Humanist Network News #17


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In HNN 17, we interview Humanist Chaplain atHarvard University Greg Epstein, we host an intergenerational dialogue aboutlesbianism, feminism and humanism, we introduce the Institute's new humanistlobbyist, and we discuss humanism in the media: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Segment 1: Humanism in the Media: Good, Bad & Ugly

Roundtable discussion:  Rep. Pete Starks (D-Calif.) was recentlyidentified as the highest elected official in the U.S. who openly states that he doesnot believe in God. The story has been widely covered by the media, and thereaction has been generally positive. At the same time, a syndicated columnthat slandered atheists was picked up by a handful of papers throughout thecountry. Matt Cherry, IHS executive director, and HNN hosts Jes and Duncandiscuss whether or not the media has a double standard against atheists.

End: 18:40

Segment 2: The New Humanism at the Harvard HumanistChaplaincy

Interview: Duncan & Jes travel to Harvard to speak withGreg Epstein about his role as a humanist chaplain at Harvard and about The NewHumanism conference the chaplaincy will host this April 20 - 22.  


End: 34:00

Segment 3: A Gay Woman, a Dyke and a Lesbian walk into a Studio...

Roundtable discussion: Jes hosts anintergenerational conversation about lesbianism, feminism and humanism.

End: 54:43



"IT Girl," by Melody
"Some Kind of Heaven" by The Atheists
"The Big Guns" by Jenny Lewis With th eWatson Twins


Secular Coalition for America | Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy | The New Humanism Conference | Secular Student Alliance

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