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Letter To The Mayor


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Dear Mayor Peyton,


I read your comment "I think I'm doing pretty well in politics if atheists sue me."


I would like to express my concern for this type of discrimination towards any group of people. No matter what faith or lack of faith a person has, they are American citizens and deserve the right to be treated as everyone else.


I am atheist and I have a wife and two children. I hope the bigotry that you have shown does not spread to others. It would be appalling if kids in school thought it was acceptable to treat atheist like second class citizens.


We believe in the golden rule. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. I do not want tax dollars going to any religion. I am sure you would not want tax dollars going to an atheist group. We should respect the separation of church and state.


I know there is a negative connotation associated with the word atheist. This is a stereotype that needs to be abolished. We are citizens of America. We believe in truth justice and the American way of life. We also believe in freedom. We are all free to worship what ever God we desire. We are also free to not worship.


Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response.


Michael Davis

JAX Atheist

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Good job! B)


I may be a bit slow...but what did your Mayor say that started this?


He held a day of faith in Jacksonville, FL, with tax payer money.

They do that here, too - but I dont think it's funded by taxpayer money. That would make John Adams flip in his grave, since he didn't to spend taxpayer money on an invocation for the Senate in his day.


What the hell is a day of prayer supposed to prove or accomplish anyway? Since god can't hear the prayers of amputees, what makes them think that a whole group of them is going to change that or even anything? Didn't they listen to Jesus about not praying in public?


Check out the National Day of Reason.




I think I'm doing pretty well in politics if atheists sue me


Btw... what a bogus defense of one's position this Mayor has.


The Jews hated Hitler pretty well for what he was doing. So according to the logic above, Hitler must have been right.

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I'm sure he'll get one.


Dear citizen,


Mayor Assbag appreciates your tax dollars and wants you to know they are well spent on various pork projects and in furtherance of his getting re-elected again so he can continue to push his agenda onto the community at large because a majority of those few stupid saps who still think voting actually accomplishes anything think he's a swell guy. He'd like to thank you for continuing to "support" the best government money can buy.


He never actually saw your letter, of course--as a matter of fact, we never even opened it. The only reason you're getting this response is it's standard policy to "respond" to citizen letters so they can keep convincing themselves their opinions actually mean as much as a rancid cow fart to the Powers That Be.


Yours in the tyranny of the majority,


Response Printer A7

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*Offers handshake*

Great letter, Mikefight. Even if it doesn't result in anything immediately observable, you've planted the seed that unbelievers are "good citizens" just as much as any church-going xian. Great job!

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I think that calls for beer...


Over here in the free world we don't have Jesus' best mates with such an overt strangle hold on politics (most ex-socialists are Atheist)

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