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Vengeance and Vendetta on the Comstock

Guest JP1283

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Guest JP1283

This is a play that I helped write awhile ago. It's the sixth part of a series of plays done by an acting troupe I used to belong to in Virginia City, Nevada (an old western mining town). This play was my idea, and I enlisted the help of my friends Jo and Leslie to help write a script. The original version of the script (written by Leslie) was really bad and needed almost a total re-write, and this was my revamped version. The script eventually went through a couple more rewrites before a final was given to the actors, so this isn't the script of the play that the audience saw when the play opened on April 13th (I live in LA so sadly I never got to see my work come to fruition.)

The story takes place in Virginia City (the Comstock) during the 1800s. Gold was struck there and at one time was a very busy town (now it's just a tourist trap.) It's a soap opera (because I love soaps!) and I tried to incorporate soapy aspects into the story, right up to and including the ending. If you need any help understanding something, feel free to comment or PM. This is the only play I've ever written, and hopefully when I get some time I'll start writing another one. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy!


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