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Goodbye Jesus

I Wasn't A Stupid Kid...


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My mom babysat two boys for a single mother, and took it upon herself to tell the boys about Jesus. When their mother found out, she was visibly upset, but composed herself and calmly asked my mom to stop. When my mom said she wouldn't, the boys' mother swore at my mom, called her names, fired her, and stormed off. Although everything in my upbringing should have taught me that the boys' mother was in the wrong, I just knew that wasn't the case. After the ordeal, my mom told me that she did nothing wrong and pointed out how evil the boys' mother was. I couldn't buy it, no matter how she justified her actions.


What did you see or hear your Christian parents do in the name of God that you just knew was morally wrong, even though you had been taught the opposite?

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I wish I could say it in a nicer way, but here goes:


"Mom, sorry to burst your Christian ego, but this is America, where parents have the right to raise their kids in whatever religion they see fit, or even with no religion at all."

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