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Guest Corey

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Guest Corey

Hello All! We seek to connect with people, forums, and blogs in the area of music and the arts, especially with a prophetic emphasis. Please feel free to visit our website at oracleflame.com where you will find prophetic music, art, dreams, visions and more. We are all about experiencing deeper revelations through the arts.




Corey Johnson

Music, Sound & Video Production

Graphic & Web Design


Oracle Flame Studios

Breakthrough Media

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Umm.. Just in case y'all ever come back to these parts of the 'Net, you did know that the FSM HATES spam mixed in with his noodelly appendages? No one touched by the ONE TRUE GOD has ever reported that there was reground spiced pig parts on their persons after taking off the pirate hats..


Not too sure how you can claim the ONE TRUE GOD when there isn't a single reference to pirate garb on your webpages..


Nice try.. Catch a buzz, some Buffet, and a parrot, catch up with all this god_stuff yer obviously missing..



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