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Praise God!

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I feel the Joy of the Lord so strongly today! My heart is filled with thankfulness to the Lord and I thought it would be glorious to start a thread where we could just list what we want to praise God for! Glory!


1. I praise God that summer is here!

2. I praise God for my really cool professor at school!

3. I praise God that I have plenty of good food to eat!

4. I praise God that I am enjoying good health!

5. I praise God for helping me study for school!

6. I praise God...


Wait... WTF? What the hell am I doing? :shrug::twitch:


Nevermind... :grin:

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LOL, Brother Jeff have you partaken of the weed recently?


No, unfortunately not. I was just high on Kryasst! Glory! :grin:

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