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So, I was wandering around the AOL chatrooms last night and found a room named, "THETRUECHURCH". It was run my someone named Preecher Dude (his spelling), and had a couple people in it.


I asked him what was his church, and he told me ASSOCIATED BIBLE STUDENTS.


So I asked him what was different about his church. It had the true meaning of God's plan, unlike every other church. He said man's plan was nothing, but God's plan would lead to Heaven.


He told me that Jesus was here now and that I could meet him.

I'm like cool, do I need a passport?

And he is like, no, it is much tougher than that. Then proceeds to string me along, like some bad e-mail chain letter, "Your not going to do it, your not going to like this, etc". Finally I'm like "Tell me already"


He then says that to meet Jesus you need to change your entire personality (but, wait, this guy doesn't even know my personality...but that is for later).


from happy to sad, greedy to generous, lazy to ambitious, evil to righteous, and a whole list of other thngs. Most of them I actually accept as good things to change.


So, I say, "Well, I've done a lot of your list already, taken me 4 long years, but I don't think I'm any closer to Jesus."

His reply, "I know you are not." (again with the presumption of knowledge of who I am.)


So now I ask him if he'd change if he did not believe in God. His answer, "Why would I."


You have to be kidding me. If not for his belief in God, he told me he'd be all for himself, screw everyone else. God was keeping him in line. Without God, changing to become a better human being would be stupid.


So I give him the "I don't need a policeman in the sky to keep me in line", then his comments got nasty, calling me stupid and a loser.


He told me, "I bet you are a loser in every aspect of your life. I bet you that girls don't like you because they can't understand you." (we'll disregard the fact that I'm happily married, and my wife thought that line was funny).


I told him he'd lose a lot of money making bets like that. Boy did that get him steamed. He started projecting his frustration upon me, that I was the one mad at him. Tough to be mad when I was laughing so much.


Best response to me all night, "Grrrrrr". He actually growled at me because I was not buying anything he was selling and I was saying you didn't need God to become a good person. He told me to leave the room several times. I told him it would be so mature of him if he kicked me out of his room. Fortunately he never did.


He did ignore me for a while....but when he realized I was not going away, he just ranted at me that he does not talk to godless, brainless people. He called me a loser a few more times. Told me he could read me like a book...yet got NOTHING about me right.


At the end he told me that he only loves people who believe in God.


Once he knew I was Godless (I never said I was Godless, and technically I am not, though in his eyes what I believe would be equal to godlessness) he stopped conversing with me as a human being, and turned all nasty and hatefilled, while trying to project those feelings upon me. I felt sad for him, needing God in order not to go raping and pillaging the countryside, and I did have a feeling of fear about the mindset Christians like him have about the world.


It was a fun way to kill some time online last night. I think I may have to go pester him again someday.

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As long as you're having fun...


..otherwise it's just some minutes you won't get back. :)

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Like fishing for cat fish with dynamite...

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