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American Protestant Xianity Is Anglo Nationalism

Guest Bright

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Guest Bright

I have come to the conclusion that modern evangelical protestant christianity in America essentially boils down to "Anglo-Saxon American Nationalism" in disguise. Actually, all religious movements conceal economic, social and political agendas. The Bible here is considered to be a true contract, like a blood oath, and has found special affinity with Anglos in Southern States, known as the Bible Belt. Professing belief that Jesus Christ is the one and true Savior, and the way to eternal life, seems like an oath, admitting one to a club with access to social, economical and political opportunities. This is a feature found in Judaism and Islam, and are perhaps as old as cults and religions on the planet.


Essentially, the Bible is like a mortgage contract, a legal will, guaranteeing access to an exclusive society, and an excuse to segregate from non-believers, disregard responsible political actions, such as environmental preservation and conflict resolution peacefully. And don't leave out the obsession with sexual controls, a kind of eugenics in disguise, perhaps.


When understood in this light, this unique variety of Christianity, certainly not shared by the majority of believers worldwide, conceals the nationalist, xenophobic, chauvanistic and warlike features of extremist nationalism. Again, such features can be found in other religions in history, and we can certainly find analogies in fundamentalist Islam today.


Well, perhaps this is more than just a rant. I don't see an opportunity for formal debate here, but I welcome input from all present.

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