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Blue Laws


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Greetings All,


I'm a newbie and I'm thrilled to find this site. I've scoured the posts and learned much in the last week. I'm working on my ex-testimony but like most ex-xians, it's a long and sordid story.


My pet peeve is and has for years been blue laws. For those of you not from the deep south or familiar with the concept, blue laws are those enacted by a community, county, or state that regulates what and when goods may be sold on Sunday.


I have no problem if joe businessman wants to take a day off a week. No problem if he wants to close to observe his particular religion's special day. Just put it on your sign. Thats his decision to make. It crosses boldly over the seperation of church and state principle when governments regulate the sale of legal goods strictly in observance of the xian sabbath.


It's bad enough that we have to give creds to god on our money, swear to him in our courts, and fight endless wars over who's version of him is right, we also can and can't buy goods according to his whims.


As Dennis Miller says "just my opinion, I could be wrong."



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