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Skepticality #055 - Santa Fe Courthouse Ghost Interview: Benjamin Radford solves the case of the "ghost" caught on video.


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On the last episode of Skepticality, the "Skeptical Inquirer's"Âown Benjamin Radford discussed new Nessie sightings and other lake monsters from his comprehensive bookÂon the subject. This week, Ben is back to tackle a brand new paranormalÂmystery from his own back yard.Almost over night, a video of a glowing, orb-like apparition at the courthouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico has soared into the media spotlight, with widespread news coverage andÂnearly 100,000 views on YouTube. Was itÂthe spirit of an infamous murderer, the ghost of a construction workerÂwho met his demise, or a disturbed Indian burial ground? Derek and SwoopyÂdiscuss paranormal investigation in the age of viral video with authorÂBenjamin Radford, who examined the video tape and went to the site toÂinvestigate the mysterious Santa Fe Courthouse Ghost.http://skepticality.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=229483#

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