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A real human chimp hybrid? Well not really. I just thought a bi-pedal ape was interesting


More so than his primate brethren, Oliver appeared – and still does (his legend remains fodder for any number of Web sites) – almost human. His head is smaller and less hairy than that of a typical chimp, his nose smaller and more defined, his ears more pointed. Most dramatically, Oliver walks upright, like a man – knees locked, powerful shoulders straight and broad, arms swinging at his sides – instead of hunched forward and using his hands and arms, like most chimps. It was his bipedal walk, combined with Oliver's other humanoid features, that earned him the dubious honor of being dubbed the "Humanzee" – promoted as the "Missing Link" between man and ape.


"Oliver" is a habitually bipedal ape that has captured the imagination of both laypeople and scientists. He has been touted as a relict australopithecine, a bigfoot, or even the result of a clandestine human-chimp hybridization experiment. After years of lively debate, Oliver's DNA was sampled to settle the issue and perhaps provide us with a breathing version of the missing link. The results are in...and, alas, Oliver is just a standard-issue chimpanzee with a penchant for walking. See Ely et al. (Am J. Phys. Anthropol. 105:395-403)


He was a documentary done on him. If you can at least watch part 6.


The Human Chimp

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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If he could speak fluent English or even know how to type at a computer, then maybe we could believe in the religion of evolution. But no, all he does is what upright. Hell, even birds can walk on two legs, and they can even speak English, but do we think we came from birds! :loser:






I think it is significant in that it shows that this can happen in primates, which I see as being indicative of what led to the australopithecines. He doesn't need to be half human, as we are a different species, but it clearly shows how one line of primates could evolve into bipedal primates like us. Very cool, I'll watch all of them later on.

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