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Life and Religion


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By Chad M



This is the time of change.


This is the time of wonder.


Religion does not bring change.


Religion destroys the sense of wonder.




Religion is not courageous. It is fearful and cringing.


Religion is not loving. It is tyrannical and abusive.


Religion is not the truth, the way and the light.


It is lies, misdirection and darkness.




A cross on the wall and a nail in the coffin.


Both are resounding and final.


Both are found at the end of life.




I choose Life and Wonder over Fear and Regret.




Religion calls the brave man a coward and the wise man foolish.


Religion acts with self loathing and hatred towards itself.


Religion denies the nature of the universe and kills all hope.




Religion is man dreaming of his God.


Religion is man creating his creator.


Religion is the man made controller of man.




God is Dead as myths must die


to make way for the dawn of reason


and the limitless sky of curiosity .




The blood of a human god does not spill easily and without cost.


The free gift of redemption from our true selves


requires only our Spirit and Mind and Body


locked in perpetual gratis slavery to the scapegoat of God.




God will see the fires of Hades rise in smoke forever


with the bodies of good men and bad cast down to perdition.


In this Law: Believe you in me and I'll enslave you to me


But out of Love will I cast you to the flames if you do not



Religion: Repressive Elitist Ludicrous Isolating Governing Insulting Oppresive Nihilistic


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