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18/06/07 my partner has her employment terminated... and is deemed too sick to work.


19/06/07 I put in a claim to reactivate the Disability Benefit payments under my name. (had them deactivated while my partner was working)


22/06/07 was informed that I had to put in a new claim for the Benefit, since the old one was closed permanently. Claim is made over phone that day.


24/06/07 Details of claim arrived in post for me to sign and send back... done on that day.


09/07/07 Letter arrives asking for partners last 2 wageslips and confirmation of last date worked. Said info take to local JobCentre, with copies faxed and posted through to DWP.


25/07/07 Tired of waiting, phone DWP to fond out what's taking so long... only to be told that the info I'd sent hadn't arrived and could I send it again. Again, info sent from local JobCentre.


30/07/07 Letter arrives saying the claim is allowed from 25/07/07 since the details arrived outside the "30 day confirmation period"


DWP admits they should have asked again a week before the end of said 30 days, JobCentre confirms details were sent, DWP insists they weren't, I've got to appeal...





I fucking hate the DWP...

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