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I spent a good part of my life in ignorant bliss


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Sent in by Peter B


After nearly two decades immersed in Christendom I must concede to the idea that this life is simply a series of random events... but mathematically speaking there is sometimes pattern evident in chaos. These patterns can be sometimes interpreted as coincidences and luck. The more romantically natured people will fictionise such clusters of coincidence as divine intervention from a god who is pulling at the strings. Their God is a loathsome creature who 'allows' the most grotesque things to happen to its 'beloved children'. Any purely good god would have intervened and thought up a better way to make a set of toys to play with... without having to try melting them with a magnifying glass.


I spent a good part of my life in ignorant bliss. That's fine... at the time it felt fine. In the light of new information and a new mindset, I can see that it was a waste of time. I'll still live and die and will currently do things that will still seem to have been a waste of time in years to come.


I lost years and de-evolved somewhat, but worse things could have happened. People lose arms, and they lose children. People can be swindled out of their life savings, they can develop painful diseases that cripple and torment. We can find love only to lose it and suffer from the memory of it... people have a 'bunch of stuff happen' happen to them, because (pause) - because it's random and they sometimes don't take personal control and responsibility for their actions.


Earthquake, war, plague - shit truly happens and always, always has. Satan doesn’t exist. It seems he does because those things we consider to be evil - chaos, destruction, bad days - are the restive ways of the Earth. As a species, we have worked miracles to keep the violent world at our gate. Sometimes those miracles are baffled, because the universe is like that. "Against exploding stars, earthquakes and the tempers of men, we can only do so much to defend ourselves" (Jack Marx).


We have evolved to a level of self existence where we're intelligent enough to question own state of being. We got so smart that we began to label the random coincidences as part of a plan by a god that simply doesn't exist, or is doing a good job hiding out behind a Clark Kent type alias.


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Yep. I lived in ignorant bliss for 30 years. It's easy when nobody is trying to shake you out of it. For Christians, most of them (particularly those full time in ministry), will get to continue to live in their protective Christian bubble with no real challenge from those outside of it.

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Hi that was my piece. Thanks for posting it.




Hi MothandRust, welcome!


I know what you mean about ignorant bliss. I spent most of my life in it. After getting married, reality started to kick me in the teeth time and time again. Shit happens, deal with it. That's all you can do.


You're in good company now...this place is a blessed relief...

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The heat and eat spirituality offered from Christianity also satisfied me, but for 16 years. Sometimes I wish I could go back, because I didn't have to think for myself, and everything would be good in the end, and I lived day to day as a mindless zombie. But, I can't go back to that, as my mind has been awaken, and will not go back to sleep.

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