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Active-duty Us Troops Become Outspoken Critics Of Iraq War


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Unpopular unwinnable "war" being wrought on a population of people who do not want the uS there..


Censorship years ago was possible when there was ONE inlet/outlet for lettered noted from 'Over There'.

I get most of my nooze from buddies who are Contractors both as ersatz.Mil and Medics, this article displays much of what they have been saying past three years.





Active-duty US troops become outspoken critics of Iraq war

Christian Science Monitor


“A recent op-ed about the war in Iraq charged that upbeat official reports amount to ‘misleading rhetoric.’ It said the ‘most important front in the counterinsurgency [had] failed most miserably.’ And it warned against pursuing ‘incompatible policies to absurd ends.’ Five years into a controversial war, that harsh judgment in a New York Times opinion piece might not seem surprising, except for this: The authors were seven US soldiers, writing from Iraq at the end of a tough 15-month combat tour. In books and professional journals, blogs, and newspapers, active-duty military personnel are speaking publicly and critically as never before about an ongoing war.” (08/29/07)



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