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Tin-foil Hats And The Christian Conspiracy


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I've noticed something over the last few months. Almost every True Christian™ book or article I've ever read tells of the dangers of a coming world religion. Here are some of the defining characteristics of said spiritual monster that will get us all:


1) Major proponents of different ideas will endeavor to get together

2) "Right practice", i.e. liturgy, will be varied but cardinal beliefs will be the same

3) Cultural and ethnic diversity will be tolerated but ultimately passed over in favor of adherence to some central principle

4) Peace/love will be put forward as the ultimate goal, even when the doctrines allow for and encourage death and hatred


NOW... let's look at the current 800-pound religious gorilla, Xtianity:


1) There are scores of Xtian ecumenical movements at work today; the 2 major arms of Xtianity have especially been anticipating reconciliation within the last 40 years.


2) "Well, your church might have different music than mine, and maybe we disagree on politics, but it's all about Jaaaay-zus in the end." ("Believe" in his death, burial and "resurrection" and so on and you're "saved")


3) Sure, there's Chinese/Indian/Russian/African/Mexican/whatever churches... they enjoy and are encouraged by their own people's ethnic traditions... the only thing, though, dammit, is make sure they have "altar calls" and/or the "sinner's prayer", otherwise people ain't REALLY "saved".


4) "Jaaaaay-zus brings you peace... he's the "Prince of Peace"... ignore those Crusades and the Fred-Phelpsian hate war against the "homos" and all the rest... we're all about bringing you peace, especially because if you don't accept peace on our god's terms, he's gonna fry your sorry ass.


So WHERE, Xtians, is this behemoth of a one-world religion that will bring "peace" and offers a strictly ordered morality according to its teachings? Where are all the people who were once separated but are now coming together under the unified banner of one charismatic figurehead? Doesn't sound like the "New Age Movement" (whatever the fuck that is) to me... sounds like good ol' dominionist, theocratic fundie Xtian bullshit warmed over.


Here's a prayer for ya: Hopefully, one day, the Xtians will utter those immortal words of truth... we have seen the enemy, and it is US.

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I second that!

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