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Leaving Religion Tv Documentary

Guest Isabelc

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I'm a television director developing a documentary for Channel 4 in the UK. The programme will follow one or more people as they take the brave step of leaving their religion. I'm keen to talk to people who've been through or are going through this difficult process. It would be a very sensitive programme - led by the people who take part - and will, I hope, not only help those involved but be an inspiration to others going through 'deconversion'. I would really like to hear your story. Please be assured that you will be contacting me in complete confidence and by doing so you will in no way be committing yourself to take part in the programme. Please contact me at leavingmyreligion@yahoo.co.uk. Hope to hear from you,


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I'm a television director


You evil scum sucking piece of shit, you inhuman cluster of molecules incapable of empathy....


Sorry for poisoning the well, but your predecessors have been here already with the arsenic, strychnine, DDT, PCBs, U238, Plutonium, cyanide, Botulinum, Ricin, Sarin, Tetrodotoxin, Amatoxin, Compound 1080, and even WD40 and Ivory 99.44.


So suck it, social vermin, your kind has poisoned the well, and so you shall drink the poison, rather than profit from it.


Don't trust TV people as far as I can throw them, and over the internet, 1000 time less.

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:mellow: Whoa there.... I'm glad to hear someone is out there doing this kind of documentary, unless it's in some exploitative reality-show style. But I'd still watch it. ;) LOL


Anyway, if I hadn't already left religion and I were in the UK, I'd take some time to talk with you. Good luck.

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I left Christianity behind about 18 years ago, so I don't think I'm qualified for this documentary.

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Who knows what are the producer's motives?. Proof is in the pudding.


However... is TV even relevant anymore?


TV is where you go to find out how corporations want you to live your life.


Isn't Youtube et al where it is really at?


Doesn't GraydonSquare and others here who have made videos provide a **better** face on deconversion? Is it not more honest than "mogul-media"(TV, movies, radio, newspapers)?


Don't blogs and sites like this do more to show the rational face of ex-christianity(warts and all)?


Who gives a rats ass about the mindless dildos whose view of the world is **only** shaped by heavily edited TV.


Hasn't the first point of influence moved to the Internet?



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