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Skepticality #061 - Skeptics invade a Sci-Fi Con - Interview: Jeff Wagg of the JREF and George Hrab


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It seems for any particular social or interest group, there is a conventionâincluding skepticism. The danger is that niche meetings may speak best to those who have already heard the message.ÂFor over a decade, Dragon*Con has been integrating factual science and space programming withÂscience fiction material from popularÂliterature, film, television and gaming, such asÂStar WarsÂand StarTrek. ThisÂyear, Derek and Swoopy workedÂalongside the directors ofÂDragon*Con's Space and Science programs Âto bring a contingent of notableÂskeptics to the world's largest culture convention.On this episode, Jeff Wagg, general manager of the James Randi EducationalÂFoundation and musician, author and skeptic George Hrab share their Dragon*Con experiences, and discuss how skeptics can promote theirÂviews at conventions to help the skeptical movement find aÂbroader audience.http://skepticality.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=259787#

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