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-- Humanist Network News #23


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Summary: In this month's audio podcastwe interview U.S. Representative Pete Stark, the highest electedofficial in the United States to openly acknowledge that he does notbelieve in a supreme being. We hear from Tom, an atheist volunteerworking to make the world a better place. Some humanist universitystudents in Edinburgh, Scotland tell us about their new campus group.Norwegian journalist Evan Gran observed us recording this show for anarticle in Fri Tanke Magazine. Gran tell us a little about humanism in the media in Norway.

Segment 1: U.S. Rep. Pete Stark, Nontheist

Interview: Rep. Pete Stark (D-California) is the highest electedofficial in the United States to acknowledge openly that he is anontheist. Congressman Stark is a Unitarian who does not believe in asupreme being. Duncan Crary interviews Rep. Stark at HarvardUniversity, where the congressman was honored as the "Harvard Humanistof the Year" Lincoln Lecturer. The event was sponsored by the HumanistChaplaincy at Harvard. This segment also includes excerpts from Stark'stalk and interview reactions from Woody Kaplan, chair of the SecularCoalition for America Advisory board, and Amanda Philips, third yearlaw student at Harvard and co-founder of the Harvard Law School HeathenSociety.

End 23:34

Segment 2: Atheist Volunteers

Interview: Though atheists are the most distrusted minoritygroup in the U.S., many atheists are moral upstanding citizens willingand eager to help the community. This segment features a young man whoorganized a project called AtheistVolunteers.org. His name is Tom, buthe asked not to use his last name in our show because he has not comeout fully about his atheism.

End: 37:55

Humanist Students in Scotland

Interview: Brendan Dieffenbach, intern of the Secular StudentAlliance, interviews Roger Redondo and Stuart Ritchie, members of theThe Edinburgh University Humanist Society. This is a newly formedhumanist student organization in Scotland.

End: 52:19

Segment 4: The Norwegian Press

Interview: Even Gran, journalist for the Norwegian magazine Fri Tanke,joins Jes and Duncan in the recording room. Even is writing a storyabout the HNN podcast, but we won't know what he has to say unlesssomeone helps us translate the article from Norwegian to English!

End: 58:58


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Harvard Law School Heathens Society | Secular Coalition for America | U.S. Rep. Pete Stark | Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard | Jesse "The Body" Ventura | Atheist Volunteers | Edinburgh University Humanist Society | Fri Tanke Magazine

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