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Being Thankful For The Patient People In Your Life


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Hi guys... I suppose I feel like I need a hug. :)


My wife is in bed now, so I won't get to tell her all this till later, but I thought I'd share with you all. She's Xtian, and we both were until recently. I struggled to make sense of the stuff that just doesn't; she just 'believes' and ignores the stuff a lot of other people fight for and fight over.


I just want to say how grateful I am that tonight, she listened to me talk (I usually rant; this time it was fairly coherent and low-volume, comparatively speaking), listened to both my logical and emotional arguments for just having had enough of the bullshit that is passed off as 'godly, true religion', and then said... "I see your points. I get them. The only question is what do we do with all that this means?" She meant what do we do to handle all the issues of our current lives that are necessarily tied up in Xtianity. Our home and my job are in the hands of a church. They own them both. (Don't ask how I teach and so on in my job without showing my non-believer's hand of cards; just know that I do my best and I stay away from anything that would make me hypocritical in speech or deed until our living and working situation can change.)


Anyway, I'm thankful that through all of the shit that I have caused with my forays into various fundie religious movements and so on, she has remained faithful to me and has consistently understood that my motives and intentions have always been the purest they can be for our family and our future.


So... who are you grateful for that is helping/has helped you through the issues surrounding non-belief?

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I've found that the longer you it's been since you deconverted, the more surrounded you are with people who mesh well with your non-belief--and it's a lot more comfortable than the old church crowd.


It's really good to hear you have the support of your wife.

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