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Some Myers-briggs Sources

R. S. Martin

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On another thread there was a request for sources on Myers-Briggs so I googled a few.


David Keirsey http://www.keirsey.com books, website, temperament sorter, self-test online and probably a more sophisticated test if you want to pay for it. I loved his book and found it very helpful in my own self-discovery.


Otto Kroeger Type Talk (book; has excellent profiles of each of the 16 types that I found very helpful; also good charts and other explanations.) website


globalchatter forums http://infp.globalchatter.com/messageboard/index.php


There are other forums for various Myers-Briggs types but I am no longer involved so I have lost track of them. I am sure you can find them through globalchatter.


Here are some discussions on Myers-Briggs that may serve as a crash course of sorts. I forget where we had the discussion on exC.

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