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Somedays, Things Just Work Right...


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Somedays, things just work right...


Posted By: das Clonk w/less bicycle parts, -354900.2%

Date: 10/14/07 18:28


Beastie's buddy has taken burden of this part of town and its paper delivery for East Oregonian. Six days a week work, weather and personal problems no excuses.

Paper delivery one hellova way to learn Capitalism 101.


Beast and I are out in shop today faking up the upper rails and works on our utility trailer when the Newkid and current paperboy deliver Sunday paper.


Newkid, learning route has a flat tire on his mountain bike, no place in town open to fix nor fill the flat.


Just happens last week I did some dealing got Beastie into a sweet Trek 26 inch mountain bike, replacing his 24 incher.


We've built, repaired, given dozens of bicycles and gear away over years, Beastie learning how to fix his own working on the 'clunkers' we accumulate.


Beastie sees problem, offers the Newkid use of his newly retired 24 ride, offers to teach kid how to fix flat and maintain bike when he is done with route.


Kid takes him up on offer, goes on to finish up. half an hour-ish later, SUV shows up, kid, parents and Beastie's bike pop out.


Beastie takes the kid, uses trailer as bench, replaces checkered tire with a new one we had, flat stop tube and strip that were extra parts. Went through bike, tightened up, tuned and lubed machine, had me take look over when he was done.


We adjusted brakes, put a few more reflectors on, gave Newkid a headlight for bike.


When we were all done (Oldman had to go brew coffee!) folks asked Beastie what was owned on job. Beast thought a bit, told them this "My Dad fixes paperkids bikes for free, the parts we were gonna donate to Goodwill, or toss, think I'll just keep that tradition up.."


I've told my kid that helping small business people out is always a decent way to build friends and help them be able to deliver things on time and under budget. Seems that message has sunk in a bit, and he's learned well how to use 'real tools' instead of a cresent wrench and a few screwdrivers.


Gonna go suck down another cuppa coffee folks. Been an oddly decent day.



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That's awesome Skip, you must be one proud papa beast.

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Very cool. It is a great thing when we see the good values we try to teach actually make it into the next generation.

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Why am I not in the least surprised to see Beastie act with that level of kindness, skill, and decency...


He's an awesome kid. :wub:

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What a great story, Skip! (And reassuring, too.)

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