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skepticality #063 - Where Do We Go From Here? - Op-Ed and Interview: Daniel Loxton


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Who is the watchdog for paranormal scams and mistakes if we won't do it?ÂThis week,ÂDaniel Loxton (editor of Junior Skeptic) offers his own personal perspective on the future of skepticism as a movement. Presented as an original full-length audio article his op-ed essay argues that the search for a "new skepticism" is misguidedâand that the early titans of skepticism had it right in the first place.ÂThen, Derek and Swoopy sit down with Daniel to talk about the skeptics paradox: that so many people feel exhausted and fed up by the paranormal, at the very time that the most exciting new developmentsâfrom podcasts to conferences to communityâare firmly focused on our core paranormal concerns.ÂHas classic skepticism run its course? According to Daniel, we're only now getting ready to start.http://skepticality.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=267373#

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