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What's The Deal With Id?


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I've heard of the Intelligent Design theory but never read much about it. I'm curious what all the controversy is about. If the universe was intelligently designed, which to me it would seem to be the case...else how the hell did I get here and how did all this complicated, extremely scientific "stuff" get here too? then what does that have to do with religion? I don't see the correlation?


To me it would just mean that the creator is a scientist...which I hardly call spiritual.

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It's kind of funny, because the Raelians believe in intelligent design and they're atheists. Several ID proponents are more of a liberal Theists than Christians, and some even clearly support evolution, but claim that a few things where created. While the creationists believe that everything was created and nothing evolved and they use ID as a support for their beliefs, which is completely crazy. The ID people does not necessarily support Genesis at all.


We can't really know if the world is intelligent designed or not, since we don't have anything to compare to. Why should we consider a star intelligently designed? Compared to what? To the non-intelligent designed stars in a parallel universe? How can we claim or know if something is or isn't, unless we can look at something that is the opposite?

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Some of the things that make people believe in ID is the complexity of life forms.


For example, the human brain is so complex that it may, possibly, *never* be fully understood. And all the body's systems work together in harmony for the greater good of the whole unit.


The idea that this happened without some sort of directive seems illogical, since all these systems are complex and logical.




If infinity is truly endless, then no matter how redicuously unlikely an event might take place, will take place if infinity were truly infinite.


So, in an infinite environment, yes you can win the 4353453454545 to the 90th power lottery, and if you lost this lottery you would never know it, you just simply wouldn't be.


That's kinda the argument against ID. So as you see there is logic to some degree, on both sides.

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