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Goodbye Jesus

Longinus and the Spear

Emperor Norton II

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Ok, first, I apologize, as I've been slowly forgetting what Biblical knowledge I have, and need a refresher involving this one case. Specifically, I am looking to find out how to debunk the prophecy involving the Spear of Longinus and where in the Bible said prophecy is mentioned. I can't really say why I need this except in PMs- it involves someone who at least WAS on the forum (whom I wish to suprise) and a role-playing game.


BTW, I have had a hellish time trying to google this up- although, it's not hard to find out about various goofy conspiracy theories or video games.

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This might help. I just checked this new search engine and they might have some info: KartOO


Here's one link from there: The Spear Of Longinus

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