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Ticked Off At Gods, Goddesses And Deities In General


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I gave up on the Biblical god almost 13 years ago. He didn't help me with the most important thing in my life; he let me go through hell and suffer, and he didn't even explain why. (Yeah, I know. He's the Grand Poobah, and he doesn't have to explain himself to a lowly worm like me. But I cooperate with authority a whole lot better if I can at least follow its logic. Just sayin'.)


Anyway, last month at the full moon, I asked the God and Goddess for some help in the form of money. To be on the safe side, I've also been bugging Mother Azna and my spirit guide, as Sylvia Browne suggests. Well, it's a month later, and I still don't have the money.


Yeah, yeah. Money doesn't matter at all on The Other Side. But it's just about the most important thing in the universe on This Side, and This Side is where I happen to live right now.


Then some people say deities aren’t Santa Claus, they're not just going to give you everything you want, etc. To that I say, then what the hell are they good for?


"To give me guidance"? I've got parents, older relatives, bosses, more experienced coworkers and older friends for that.


"To worship"? Uh, exactly how does me worshipping a deity help ME? I can see why the deity would get a charge out of it, but what does it do for me?


Oh, that's right. Prevents the deity from getting pissed off and frying me in hell. So, I'd better do what you say or you're going to hurt me. Why didn't you just say so to begin with, instead of farting around with all this crap about guidance and love and comfort?

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