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Yesterday I Went To Church .... Gasp!


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Reminds me of the southpark episode where moses is tell them to go forth an make macroni pictures...


About as believable too as a typical church sermon.


I have had to go to many, many funerals as an ex, and my strategy is to simply be quite. People get hot anyway defending it, but at a funeral they will probably come at you with a lynch mob.


Also too, though examining myself fully, I guess I am more atheist the agnostic, but people seem to accept you more when you say you are agnostic, stating you are atheist is almost like pronouncing your a demon to them...

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Yesterday was a rough day for me as an X.


I attend a funeral in a gender-unfriendly Presbyterian church…. for the love of all things holy!


I’d underestimated how difficult it would be to sit respectfully as a new XC. It was my first time in a sanctuary in just over one year.



(Pardon if this is a duplicate. The original post seems to have disappeared so I reposted.)


I didn't see this post anywhere else.


Last spring I attended church a few times because I thought I would enjoy the music and fellowship. It was very awkward because people were so glad I'd found God again. I hadn't but didn't tell them. Also, I found that the music was not so great when I disagreed with every single syllable. I lost interest and haven't gone since. I attended a fundraiser supper last week at a church but that was different. I just went with another person, who also happens to be atheist, for the food. There was no service and no prayer.


I noticed that the serviette or whatever under the plate had Bible verses on it but it was mainly covered up with plate and utensils. Even so, the words "Holy Spirit" looked out at me and I realized that church simply is not the place for me. After spending so much time here on exC talking about reality as it is experienced, talk about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit as though they were real in any sense of "really real" seems so fake and contrived. I never realized it would be this way.


Maybe this is something one can get used to, I really don't know. I have not been deconverted long enough yet.

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