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Christian Soldiers: a report by Dan Rather


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A watchdog group claims that members of far-right-wing evangelical Christian groups are having an undue influence on the U.S. military.


More on this available at the Christian Science Monitor.

From the horse's mouth: Military Ministry with MajGen Bob Dees





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This just in: the pope lives in rome.



I remember in the early '70s, my grandmother, who was and is a huge Jesus freak, had an album by some ex-green beret who got like 3 of his limbs blown off in Vietnam and became a gospel singer.



I'm not sure if the religion came before the singer/serviceman's devastating loss or after. Either way, Seeing some guy in a wheelchair in his decorated dress greens with a prominent shiny metal hook for a hand singing about the goodness of god is a freaky thing for a 4 year old boy to deal with. I think I remember asking my grandmother around that time if jesus would give me (Yes, me. I really internalized the imagery.) a new hand if I prayed for one.


Remember those "touch the face of god" US military air superiority propaganda spiels they would play at broadcast TV sign off time? Do they still play those?

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