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Guest Lufferheart

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Guest Lufferheart

I toss and turn, my mind aglow.

Morbid thoughts of all above or below,

My realm, my life, the plane of thought...

At such an age, have I passed what's been tought,

To myself, to others, how to live,

Is this clarity really, truly a gift,

Or a curse on the impressionable,

mind of the kid incorrigible?


Gods, demons, all rake at my brain.

Split open they find thoughts rampant, insane,

Turn away, upset or look on with morbid curiosity,

Like watching a car-wreck, a true monstrosity.

Seeing destruction, wars of words,

Could a god let this be, The death of the world,

And all within, dying, killing,

Searching for something not at all fullfilling.


Abandoning sleep, I sit up in my bed,

Wearily my hands rub at my head.

Drag myself away to the computer, the screen alight.

I read what my peers have written tonight.

I gasp. Again. It's all just so sad.

More intelligent speech could be found in a want ad.

I kick at the desk, and wince in pain.

I have no one but myself to blame.


Take a pill to numb the thoughts.

And now, and again, I let my brain rot.

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Damn good, reads like something I could write if I were mentally awakened. Very good.

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Excellent Luffer and that was off the cuff? WOW! BRAVO!! :clap:



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Made my eyes moisten...nothing new there. I should own stock in Kleenex.


When the lights come on, it sometimes hurts. yah...



Enjoyed it Lufferheart......

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very well done


looking forward to seeing you write more



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for sharing :)


That was great!

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