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Beautiful Flowers, Bloody Shivs


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This life is less than a bed of flowers

And the pessimists can rant on for hours

About the rudiments of love, laughter and truth

And the aspects that equate to a rotten tooth


So, they ask, where is God in all this shit?

If he's here, how do we get away from it?

Then, he is malevolent if he is in hiding

No wonder all the skeptics are deriding


The Christian ethic and Pascal's Wager

Why does it persist, this perceived danger

Of an unseen hell that we can't conceive

Of where some tormentor grants no reprieve


This place eternal, a smoldering garbage dump

That lives on because of urges like being plump

Or of getting off on material so perverse

No wonder our destiny is going in reverse


Fanatical faiths are spreading lies and deceit

Viral globalization piggybacking an agenda replete

With worldwide population control by corrosive means

Every image, every word might be a lie so it seems


A wholly capitalized name forfeits all of your rights

Even with only two letters capped, you are in the sights

Of a movement that seeks power without limit or cost

The natural citizen as a concept is becoming lost


To this artificial reality developed by the ruling elite

And by the end of the calendar, it shall all be complete

We, the lambs, living in crowded cities away from our homes

Everything we hold dear is a fleeting memory for the road


So grab your firearms, blunt objects and unleash hell

That elitist octopus carcass to high heaven shall smell

And from that revolting trauma shall rise our recaptured free will

And to do as we see fit since we ingested the red pill


No more illusory delusion, no more being the copper-topped battery

No more kowtowing to false authority with false flattery

We are the children of something that is deeply universal

We should not be divided by any kind of invisible transversal


The mind is the same way, supressed and straining to breathe

No wonder the youth are disenchanted, so much so they seethe

The masculine, the feminine, the dualities of right and left

Let the balance return and we can cease beating our chests


Run with your emotions, let them play all the way through

Everyone will feel better, vibrant, whole, even brand new

Humans in tune, seven chakras completely in line

Division is not our natural state even though it is defined


Violence and silence and the error that is linear time

Let us return to our seasonal roots and let us be kind

To one another, these are the laws by which we should live

This is our real nature, beatiful flowers not bloody shivs

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Quite a poem MathGeek....the message and the form. I'm continually impressed by both. :thanks:



I thought of the ripple effect when reading it. I don't have much hope that mankind (on a large scale) will get back to the roots. I do have hope that the pockets of folks that embrace those roots, have a tipping effect on the balance scale.....and I hope my own small contribution is not in vain.


Thank you for sharing.



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