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8Segment 1: Introducing The Atheism Tapes

Richard Lorber is president and CEO of Lorber HT Digitial, a Manhattanproduction company that recently released Jonathan Miller's The Atheism Tapes on DVD under the Alive Mind Media label. The Atheism Tapesfeatures interviews between Jonathan Miller and such notable thinkersas Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and the late Arthur Miller. Lorberpresents Jonathan Miller's interview with Arthur Miller (no relation)for HNN listeners.

End: 9:27

Segment 2: Arthur Miller on Religion and Disbelief

Interview: In this rare interview with Arthur Miller, thedistinguished playwright speaks with Jonathan Miller about hisskepticism of the unholy alliance between religion and politics. ArthurMiller looks back to his own early experiences of growing up in aChristian and surprisingly anti-Semitic country. Arthur Miller said hebelieves that religious faith probably survives because people find itso hard to cope with the death of their loved ones. His own belovedwife had only recently died and he talks about his own difficultiescoping with her absence.

End: 37:15

Segment 3: The Business of Atheism

Interview: Alive Mind Media, the production label under which The Atheism Tapeswas released on DVD, is part of a for-profit media company dedicated toexploring philosophy and spirituality from a secular perspective. HNNco-host Duncan Crary asks Richard Lorber: "is atheism profitable?"

End: 45:45

Segment 4: Listener Comments

HNN listeners react to past shows and suggest areas to explore in future programs.

End: 54:40


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Alive Mind Media | Secular Philosophy | Lorber HT Digital | The Atheism Tapes | A Brief History of Disbelief

Call the toll free HNN listener Comment line: (877) 659-1515.



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