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I've Got A Problem

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My sister attends Southern University in Tennessee. It's a Seventh Day Adventist cult college and they of course teach young earth creation.


I asked her if they taught radioactive dating. She said 'actually, yes, they teach us both sides.'


Naturally skeptical, I wonder how much of 'both sides' they teach. My imagination runs through such sentences as 'some controversial scientists say the earth is older than god does.'


She says that they teach that radioactive dating works short term and fails over long term.


What's worse they attacked me and my piddly science saying what I believe wasn't sound.



My afterthoughts are this. I do not believe it. I think about it. The problem in her version of education arises when they replace thinking with believing.



I don't know, I'm pissed and ranting poorly.


any of you ever heard the argument that dating doesn't work long-term?

Any REAL scientists care to form a rebuttal?

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I you can't find any scientists here try http://forums.randi.org/. There are some pretty smart scientific cookies there. If you can't find any technical answers here, I'd bet you'll find them there.



ETA: Ah crap! Brother Jeff's link <below> is actually better than mine. Of course, it does require you (and your audience) to think and study for itself. But I still think it's better for your specific question. Good luck!

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